Sep 14, 2008

Motorola W370 Qucik Review

I currently use a V176 cell phone that was “hot” in 2005. And I too had a lot of “issues” with the internet” I believe its a marketing issue that pre-paid cell phone don’t truly offer “internet” access but intra-net to the main site for its ringtones, and services. That’s the “nutshell” from pre-paid, and contract agreement. You get what you pay for!
Sadly, most of the phones don’t have much “room” on pre-paid unless you
are a professional hacker who can “upgrade” the phone’s memory to handle
the internet. I wouldn’t want internet anyway, I’d rather download the
ringtone I want to my pc, and use a mini-usb / usb connector adaptor to
“load” to the phone direct with the right software. I’d get with some
corporate executives or technical engineers to send me a CD or a web
link to download the phone connection software so I can connect my pc
to my phone, download the ringtone I want, and load it to the phone
directly. If I can’t do that, then better get enough lawyers who are
versed in cell phone laws to convince otherwise. If you happen to know
of the Motorola Technical Engineers or Upper Crust management to make
this happen, let all of us “peons” know! It would be great if the
Motorola Corporation would get out of the clouds and be able to fix any
issues that need fixing.
I’d buy this phone from NET-10 simply because of the flexibility of
the network, and being pre-paid you get what you pay for. Much like a
Motel-6 commercial.. Clean, comfortable room, leaves the light on for
you, and basic cable package. Get what you pay for. If you want frills
and thrills, then go to Holiday Inn, or Ramada, or Best Western.
At any rate, if I wanted internet service, I’d make sure the phone
can handle today’s webpages. I’d suggest to the marketing reps for any
cell phone company. Don’t promise what you won’t deliver. Don’t say one
thing, and not provide reasonable service or guarantee. Source...

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