Sep 12, 2008

LG Lotus High Quality Hands-On photos

The first thing that stands out about Sprint's exclusive LG Lotus is its shape. Few, if any, flip phones possess a square shape and a full QWERTY keyboard in a true clamshell design. The hardware was inspired by makeup accessories every woman on the planet carries around, but despite its target audience, the Lotus is nice hardware for anyone who makes text messages their priority.

The keyboard especially is a joy to use. The keys are bubbly, well defined, and give a distinctive click when you hit the key. The screen is bright, sharp, and appears to have a respectable pixel density. The phone UI was too early in development to get a strong idea of what to expect, but Frog collaborated with Sprint in the design, which was easy on the eyes.

The LG Lotus is set to hit stores in October for $150 and will probably attract those who want the texting features without the high end features that drive prices up. Source...

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