Sep 17, 2008

Is Nokia N900 on the way ?

The next generation of Nokia internet tablets will have online-anywhere 3G connectivity, OMAP3-series processors from TI, and high-definition cameras with photo sharing features.
All come part and parcel of the new version of Maemo, the series' software, and are being presented by Dr. Ari Jaakso today in his keynote speech at OSiM. No new device has actually been announced, but the "N900" is surely on its way.

Word is that it won't be called that, though; tablet fans expect Nokia to relaunch the brand.

The iPod Touch stole the N800/N810's thunder in sharp fashion, but the N800 scene is already marked by a strong community and lots of cool apps. But AppStore is a juggernaut, even if its developers are somewhat corralled into behaving like work-for-hire for Apple: we're past the point where good hardware and good software are enough. A distribution system must exist to make it easy to slurp cool stuff on to any given handheld. Source...

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