Sep 17, 2008

HTC Dream vs iPhone 3G - Game on

We’ve peeped the spyshots, gawped at the videos and put the HTC Dream head to head with the iPhone to see which is the best smartphone in the world.
Will it be the aptly named Android offering from HTC or the iPhone? Of course, the HTC Dream has yet to be launched, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the rumoured specs, right? Read on, phone fanciers.

Memory and speed
The iPhone gets out of the telephony traps quicker with an 835MHz processor leaving the Dream’s 528MHz to claim second place. The iPhone also packs more memory with 8GB of storage mocking the Dream’s 1GB SD card gesture.
Winner: iPhone

With no GPS the HTC Dream is left to find it’s own way home. It might have Google Street View for grabbing eye view levels of distant locations, but you’ll still have a hard time touring the town without those three magic letters.
Winner: iPhone

The HTC Dream features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, actual buttons, and a trackball. That keyboard will make it a hit with e-mail fans, and it also means you can use the phone one-handed for its most basic functions.
Winner: HTC Dream

Killer camera
The iPhone was hailed as the Jesus phone, and since the Bible’s not packed with pictures, maybe that’s the reason for its wimpy 2 megapixel snapper. The HTC Dream goes one better with 3 megapixels. It’s hardly the stuff of dreams but it’s enough to top Apple’s effort.
Winner: HTC Dream

Size and weight
The HTC Dream’s more likely to make someone ask “Is that a HTC in your pocket?” lolloping in at 5 inches high and 3 inches wide compared to the iPhone’s 4.5×2.4 inches. The Dream is also a tad heavier, tipping the scales at 158g compared to the more pocket-friendly 133g iPhone.
Winner: iPhone

Screen showdown
The iPhone steals a win here with a 3.5 inch display, compared to the HTC Dream’s 3.17 screen. It’s a tie in the resolution department with both clocking 480×320 pixels, although if anything the Dream will appear sharper.
Winner: Tie

Multimedia magic
Both handsets can play a wide range of audio and video files, but the iPhone demands they be loaded using iTunes. It also refuses to play certain non-Apple approved formats, such as WMA and Real Audio files. Details are still sketchy, but since plug-ins can be made for Android without approval from Google, we’re willing to bet the HTC Dream will do a better job with our media overall.
Winner: HTC Dream

Messaging face-off
The iPhone’s keypad might be better than some imagined, but it still throws up silly mistakes. Meanwhile, the Dream’s QWERTY keyboard will have you whizzing off letters faster than Usain Bolt collects world records. And with HTC’s smartphone record it could just tempt Blackberry fondlers too. Oh, and there’s that niggling lack of MMS messages on the iPhone too. Yep, the Dream will handle them, no trouble.
Winner: HTC Dream

Apps clash!
Massive support from major developers means the iPhone is hard to beat here. Whether you want to poke your Facebook friends, play the latest games, or find restaurants it’s all there, and has been from the App Store’s opening day. Meanwhile, Android Market is just one of many ways to get apps onto the HTC Dream, raising fears of easily spread viruses.
Winner: iPhone

Overall winner: Tie!
Both these super-phones have special skills, and while there are massive differences between them, it’s just too close to call.

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