Sep 2, 2008

How to share your iPhone 3G apps with others ?

I suppose I should offer a little word of caution here, while iTunes allows you to transfer and listen to your music files on an unlimited number of iPhones and iPods, and it allows you to authorize up to 5 computers, its not quite as clear on whether or not you are supposed to be paying for every app or if those are able to be shared in the same way.

The good news is that its pretty easy to be able to share the apps, now keep in mind I am not suggesting that you run out and share these with everyone, but fair use between family members.

Melvin Rivera has a great step by step set up, so if you are a multiple iPhone family then you may want to head on over and check it out, of nothing else it will help cut some costs with not having to purchase two copies of every app. Source...

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