Sep 26, 2008

How to send a Email from your Nokia phone ?

Nokia email service is a very useful service designed to make the experience of reading the emails and scrolling through them a very enjoyable one. You can access almost all your personal email accounts in the beta version. However you cannot access your corporate email accounts and the hotmail accounts during the trial version of this beta product. You need to register with nokia after the trail period expires in order to upgrade to the full version of nokia email service

The key features of nokia email service include:

  1. To bring up the menu associated with the email you are reading what you need to do is just press the centre button and it will show the option of deleting, moving, reply, flag and many others. This feature makes it unique.
  2. Nokia email service provide the option of selecting more than one email at the same time or even selecting the entire list of emails. Press # and select the number of emails you want to select.
  3. You can even sort the emails on the basis of different criteria and suppose if you are working in a particular folder and want to go to another folder, you can do this simply by clicking on the jump option without even the need of exiting the current folder.
  4. Nokia email service also lets you copy text from one email to other with simple menu options.
  5. It also provides a search feature which enables you to search through all the emails for the required one. You can access the search feature by either using menu options or by simply pressing S.

Nokia email service is more suited to the phones with QWERTY keyboards as it provides a shortcut for almost every button. The service is good and free in the trail version but to keep using the service you need to purchase an account from nokia.

Supported phones:

Nokia E51, E61, E61i, E65, E66, E71, N73, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N95

Download Nokia Email Service

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