Sep 26, 2008

Free Air Sharing for iPhone 3G and iPod touch

iPhone and iPod touch users can download Avatron Software’s Air Sharing for free until September 22, from the App Store. The developers plan to charge $6.99 beginning on the 22nd.
Air Sharing enables the iPhone or iPod touch to be used as a Wi-Fi storage device, using WebDAV to mount the device as a drive on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. The application also supports Bonjour, enabling Mac users to instantly see the iPhone as a networked computer (Bonjour is also for Windows, but the device will not appear automatically).
While such applications existed for iPhone, even before App Store, Air Sharing combines this utility with another powerful feature. Air Sharing allows the user to browse and access stored content, locally on the device. This removes a key annoyance with iPhone; until now, you had to email documents from your computer, to yourself in order to view them on iPhone.
Air Sharing also builds on the iPhone’s standard user interface, offering for tap-hold browsing of folders… a feature built-in to the Mac’s Aqua UI (by command-clicking on the title bar), but not the iPhone UI. Air Sharing is currently the number one most popular application on the App Store. Source...

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