Sep 2, 2008

Features we love to see on iPhone 3G

The iPhone is a good piece of technology and the one that really rocks the mobile business, but as technology goes we are always needing new features more and more, some features require an redesign or adaptation in our devices, but others just need a firmware update and are ready to compete in numerous areas.

Here is a short list of things I really need in my iPhone:


1. A Systemwide Dictionary
I would lke to have a systemwide dictionary that let you correct, search and compare terms on the fly. This system must be plugin ready in order to add different languages and their respective translations.

2. Networkable Applications
A networkable System that let you turn any application into a collaboration hub. Using wifi the iPhone must detects all nearby iPhone, seek for any Network Ready Application and then ask permission to collaborate, this will help people in business meeting that need to share information on the fly. Share budgets, notes, agenda meetings, To do list. It must be from iPhone to iPhone no MobileMe or any internet service.

3. Full feature Business Suite (Office, Iwork, OpenOffice, whatever)
If the iPhone will be used for business management or business related activities it must come with a Full Office Suite, one that can open and save Excel, Word and Powerpoint documents.

4. Wireless Printing
This feature is Mandatory, it is easier to print any document direct from your iPhone than send it by mail to achieve this archaic action. So Apple must include a printing module that lets you connect to any wireless or network printer.

5. Voice Recording - Annotation
Sometimes writing our mind is very difficult, so Apple must provide a Voice Recording application that will guide you in order to make a good Narrative voice document, it will give you the chance to make a podcast, attatch to any business document, mail it or broadcast it to a group of people in your contact.


6. A Better Video and Photo Camera
We really need to have the a camera that meets the iPhone status, no the standard camera easily found in any $1 phone. The iPhone must record video, let you transfer to iMovie for editing and them put it in Youtube.

7. Mobile Business Presentation
Let use our iPhone as the main source for all our business presentations, a module that broadcast your Powerpoint or Keynote Presentation to a Projector. If this feature is implemented Apple will have a home run, we all do Business Presentations and if we can do it from our Mobile Phone, Better.

8. MobileTV ? Youtube
Apple should start negotiations with all major TV channels to provide a real TV experience for every iPhone users or create a Live Quictime TV Channel to broadcast short movies, featured videos and free entertainment. With this channel Apple can advertise iTunes, the Apple Store or third party mac oriented companies. The investment is guaranteed, all major advertiser would like to reach every iPhone user out there. The Live Quicktime TV Channel must be free. Source...

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