Sep 17, 2008

Download Blackberry Video Converter

Blackberry, developed by Canada RIM Corporation, is a wonderful solution for the business users. With this wireless terminal you can send and receive e-mails, browse the Internet and watch videos.
The Blackberry Video Converter is a free utility that will create a video to play on your Blackberry from any input video file that MPlayer supports. This utility will take video information from a local file or a DVD and encode it to play on Blackberry devices.

It does this with a simple, intuitive interface that was created with usability in mind. The Blackberry Video Converter uses the mencoder engine and supports many forms of video.
* Simple yet powerful
* One-click quick convert feature
* Supports many types of video
* Supports DVD (.vob)
* Easily choose aspect ratio
* Easily adjust volume
* Can use all available languages
* Ability to pass custom arguments
* Price (free)
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