Sep 12, 2008

All in one Instant messenger for mobile phones

Ebuddy is one of the famous mobile instant messaging clients. This java based mobile application enables the user to chat with their friends from anywhere. This tool provides easy access to various famous instant messaging clients such as gtalk, msn, yahoo, MySpace, aim etc.This multiprotocol mobile based client provides an easy integration with all these clients.
To get ebuddy on your mobile is really simple, just install the software in your mobile phone and you are done. But to use this application you need to have a gprs enabled or a 3G enabled phone. Also if you don’t want to install this application to your phone you can use the web based version of this tool which can be logged in by accessing and the application will start with the minimal features required for chatting.
Whats good about ebuddy is that it provides a single list for all your friends belonging to different IM clients, also what makes it better is that it incorporates the search feature in its buddy list which makes it easy to find a particular contact in a probably very long list. The webcam of the phone can be used to click your pic and set it as your avtar.The good features are not over yet, it also provides offline messaging support and that is quite a striking feature for a mobile based client
Its new feature that hides offline contacts is very brilliant as it saves on data transfer as less data is required to load the online contacts. But in order to take full benefit of this application you must have a flat rate package in which you just pay onetime fee and the data transfer later on is free, so it’s on you to decide on the best package available, for this consult with you service provider. Source...

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