Aug 25, 2008

An unknown 32 GB cellphone: The 01 Phone!

T3 just discovered a website containing a brand new phone: The 01 Phone! Not sure whether the full-touch screen phone is a concept phone or an actual phone that a manufacturer is working on. However, it offers powerful specifications and features.
On an unknown (until now) website titled just, lies a handset that will blow all others out of the water. With a 5.0-megapixel camera, 3G internet, and a whopping 32GB of storage, the 01 - as it’s believed to be called - could mean the death of the Nokia N96, the BlackBerry Bold and Samsung’s INNOV8 i850.

Although T3 admitted that they don’t know about this gadget, as 3Gweek wrote, yet they dare to list its specification. Weird isn’t?

Whatever it is, it has a countdown on the homepage, with 27 days left, so let’s wait and see…. Source...

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