Aug 13, 2008

Turn your iPhone into a wireless storage device

The iPhone is great for storing your music and video files, but it doesn’t it allow you to store other types of files so that you can use it for data portability or back up. Curiously, this is one of those obvious features that you wonder why Apple does not include in the iPhone right out of the box. We would love to carry our presentations and documents with us on our iPhones, and transfer them wirelessly from computer to computer. Today, our wishes came true with the release of DataCase, a native app for iPhone or iPod touch, now available in the App Store for $6.99. Business users, students, and anyone in need of more storage will love DataCase and find it well worth the seven bucks.

DataCase essentially turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an external memory device that you can access wirelessy from any other device on your wi-fi network. DataCase creates a drop box on your device which will be instantly familiar to Mac users. The drop box is a place where any network device can copy files to your device. You can also set up DataCase to be a shared drive to easily move files between your device and another computer.

Security is the first thing that comes to mind with an app like this. How can we be sure our files won’t be silently pilfered from our pockets? Like all native iPhone apps (at least for now), DataCase does not run as a background process. This means it has to be running in order for any data transfer to occur.

Secondly, the drop box is limited to one-way, write-only data transfer. Computers or devices on the network can only copy files into your drop box; they cannot read or browse files that are already resident in your drop box. By default, the drop box requires an access check for each remote connection.

This type of access control is also configurable for the other volumes on your device. You can set each volume to require access or not, and you can make them writable, browsable, both, or neither. You can also set volumes to be hidden. DataCase’s granular, on-request access control coupled with non-background running processes provide more than adequate security to give you peace of mind while you walk around with your data.

DataCase works with any wireless enabled computer (Mac, PC, Linux) and doesn’t require any additional software to be installed. On the Mac is uses Bonjour and the Finder so all you have to do is start DataCase and your device will automatically show up on your desktop. Copying files to DataCase is simply drag-and-drop.

DataCase offers many other features like a text search feature to search on file names. Folders and files are all fully UTF-8 compliant to support English, French, German, Chinese, and Korean. You can also rotate the view to landscape to see long file names.

You can throw your USB drives out and just carry your iPhone or iPod touch, because for seven bucks you really can’t beat this app for sheer utility when it comes to data portability and back up. Source...

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