Aug 26, 2008

Tips & Tricks to extend iPhone 3G battery life

Aside from the occasionally weak 3G signal reception and the occurrence of crashing apps, you’re probably also experiencing a shortage of battery life on your new iPhone 3G. Maybe you’re not doing all that you can to extend your iPhone’s battery life. As such, Guy Kawasaki offers a few tips to help you out.

Granted, he mentions a couple of time-tested tips that are no doubt taken for granted by most users, such as lowering the brightness settings to the dimmest, but he also adds in a few tips of his own that should all but make your iPhone drain its battery more quickly.
A few of his pointers include turning off the 3G network connectivity completely, as well as keeping Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other data connection services off. You might already have a few workarounds of your own, but Guy gets approximately thirty-six hours of standby time on his iPhone, so his tips are worth checking out. Source...

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