Aug 25, 2008

HTC Touch Pro vs HTC TyTN II

Tracy and Matt have an interesting comparison of the Touch Pro and the Tytn II. What Matt states is mostly true however what the Tytn II has over the Touch Pro has been ommited. Personally, I love my buttons. I like shortcuts. The tilt mechanism has also been missed by most whom I have shown the phone too, usually resulting in disappointment. The Touch3D interface isn’t entirely an improvement over the scroll wheel when browsing either.

There is also my experience of signal. As Chris and I have discussed in our podcast the Tytn II is a clear leader for picking up my network at home. I have tested both the Tytn II and Touch Pro on Orange and O2 in various places and the Touch Pro lacks both Data and Voice signal. For instance, my home receives extremely limited coverage. Most of the time the Touch Pro is constantly scanning, it can be up to an hour before it picks up a signal, then loses it after two minutes. The Tytn II is the other way around, I lose signal frequently but it locks on pretty quickly. I can forget about Data on both (aside from the bathroom, I get Edge in the bathroom, don’t ask me why!)
Yesterday I was testing other areas of the town I live in. The Touch Pro didn’t manage to find 3G when the Tytn II had one or two bars. 50% of the time it was on GPRS, and the rest was 3G. The Tytn II had 3G for the entire time.

I strongly believe that emerging phones are losing sight of the goal. Most of the time I can’t make a call on my Tytn II in my home, due to the geography surrounding my house, with the Touch Pro I can forget about communicating all together. I don’t think I will be alone here. The Touch Pro is a very strong phone, let down by one or two slight personal preferences and one major problem. I can’t change to it, it would be madness to switch to a Touch Pro and loose the functionality of the phone in a location I spend most of my time. I would like to think whatever operator the phone is released on will have an improved radio however, this isn’t always achieved and a different radio can produce worse results. Source...

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