Aug 11, 2008

The 10 best selling phones in July 2008

Krussell, one of the premier names in consumer electronics cases, has just released a report detailing the “Top 10″ best selling mobile phones in July 2008. The figures are based on the number of cases purchased for each specific device, and should be taken as a loose interpretation of general handset sales in July 2008. Being one of the largest and well-known case-makers in the mobile space, Krussell’s sales figures could be argued to be somewhat indicative of overall cellphone sales.

“The launch of the 3G Iphone from Apple on July 11th had great impact on the sales in July as well as in June, says Ulf Sandberg Managing Director at Krusell. Main focus for this month should probably be put on the two newcomers from Sony Ericsson, that are expected to climb a step or two in next month’s list.”

The list:

1. (1) Apple iPhone
2. (5) Nokia 3109
3. (3) Nokia E51
4. (4) Nokia 6300
5. (-) Sony Ericsson C902
6. (-) Sony Ericsson C702
7. (7) Nokia N95 8 GB
8. (8) Sony Ericsson K810i
9. (9) Sony Ericsson K530i
10. (6) LG KU990
() = Last month’s position.

The data represents sales in over 50 countries, spanning 6 continents, around the world. As expected, Sony Ericsson and Nokia’s flagship shooters made the cut, as did the iPhone. Interestingly, the Nokia 3109 took second place. Source...

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