Jul 31, 2008

Software-based iPhone 3G unlock on video!

For many, being locked in to a lengthy contract with AT&T (or whatever your local iPhone carrier happens to be) is enough to steer them away from picking up Cupertino’s latest Apple handset. In the US, the iPhone 3G is only offered on AT&T and requires a two-year contract with an unlimited iPhone 3G data plan. Of course, there’s no getting around the in-store activation process, so unlocking an iPhone 3G will prove to be more an exercise in breaking the rules than true network portability.
Following on hardware SIM-unlock solutions and various retailers hocking allegedly unlocked iPhone 3G’s for hundreds more than their retail value, a video has been uncovered, showing what looks to be the first live-demonstration of a software-based SIM unlock solution. Could this video be proof that the iPhone Dev Team’s SIM unlocking software is almost ready to go public? As you might recall, the iPhone Dev Team’s Pwnage Tool 2.0 conspicuously launched without any support for iPhone 3G unlocking, with the promise of a working software-based SIM-unlock tool further down the road. We can only hope that this video is a sign that the Dev Team’s hard work and dedication is getting prepped for its iPhone 3G unlocking-debut. Source...

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