Jul 31, 2008

BlackBerry Bold Already Owned by Lindsay Lohan

For a long time John Mayer was the only celebrity to sport the Bold because RIM is sponsoring his tour. Mayer first made public the fact that he’s the proud early owner of a Bold 9000 back in May, on one of his personal blogs. Now comes Lindsay Lohan with her own BB Bold. As you can see in the picture; Lindsay carried BB Bold everywhere. Yes, Hollywood is starting to go BlackBerry Bold and the device isn’t even available to the public yet! It all started with John Mayer then just the other day Kate Hudson got one and now Lindsay Lohan. The “Mean Girls” star was seen using her BB Bold while filming her latest new film: Labor Pains. Well then, who’s next? BlackBerry Bold, it hasn’t really been officially released yet. The announcement date is rumored to be this Friday, but RIM is already promoting the device in Canada. Stay tuned. Source...

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