May 5, 2008

Renault Sandero Nokia Special Edition Car

Renault and Nokia of Brazil are collaborating on a special edition Sandero. Known as the Sandero Nokia, this vehicle prides itself in being Renault’s first in Brazil to come with a “mobility solution.” Each purchase will ship with a Nokia N95 that contains an A-GPS receiver, pre-loaded Nokia Maps service, and Bluetooth connectivity. It will be integrated with the Nokia LD-3W GPS module and the Nokia CK-20W, an automobile accessories kit.

Some of the key features of the Sandero Nokia include an audio streaming function that enables the driver to listen to music stored on his Nokia N95 through Sandero Nokia’s speakers via a wireless connection; access to maps of the main cities in Brazil that are already included in the memory; and a Bluetooth System for telephone calls which allows drivers to utilize a microphone inserted into the upper part of Sandero Nokia’s windshield and to listen to calls through the vehicle’s audio system.

There will only be a thousand of these special edition vehicles manufactured, retailing for approximately €17,650 each. Guess you'd take extra caution when bringing this puppy out for a spin, eh?

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