May 5, 2008

McAfee Native Antivirus Scanner for iPhone in Development

There is no official press info on the development project yet, but one iPhone user claimed to receive the following statement from McAfee PR, Joris Evers.

“The application you blogged about is indeed a genuine McAfee project. We are always working on new platforms including the popular ones. In this particular case we were running a test to validate some recently developed technology. We happen to be first to test AV technology for iPhone. We’re happy that iPhone users are already getting excited about it, as evidenced by your blog and the thousands of people who are trying out the application. Still, we are not ready to announce a new product, our development work is in the early stages.”

To install the beta software (called iVirusScan) if you really want to try it out, just visit this url and choose iVirusScan in McAfee category.

Note that these info is not confirmed by McAfee at all, so you might read this as a rumor and ignore the software installation on your iPhone.

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