May 8, 2008

Jennifer Aniston in a Bikini, not an iPhone

You've probably heard that Jennifer Aniston has gone on like two dates with John Mayer... which if the tabloid are to be believed means they're already in love and practically married.

But looking at this picture from the weekend of Jennifer Aniston in a Bikini, and you can clearly tell that there burgening love is a doomed one. How? Everyone knows that John Mayer is an iPhone enthusiast and a siccophant for all things Steve Jobs, but if take a closer peek at what Aniston's holding (eyes off her boobs, you perv), you'll see the cell phone she's texting on is in fact not an iPhone.

Can Mayer ever really love someone who doesn't love Apple products as much as himself? And less you thing this is a fluke and Aniston isn't a Windows girl, check out this video she made promoting Windows... 95.

I know Mayer is into older women but there's old, and then there's just obsolete.

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