May 10, 2008

How To: Upload Your Videos and Photos To Multiple Sites From Your Nokia Cameraphone

I have Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, and Ovi Share to host my videos and photos, but uploading to each one can be a hassle. Luckily, Shozu on my Nokia N95 8GB and other compatible Nokia devices has a feature that lets me send the photos to all the selected sites in one upload. I’ll show you how.

Use CC sites to upload to multiple places using Shozu.


  • Download and install Shozu on your phone.
  • Log in to Shozu on your computer.
  • Add sites.
  • Add CC sites.
  • Go to Shozu application on your phone then Options > Check for Updates.

Every time you upload to a site or email, ShoZu will automatically send a copy to all of your CC destinations. It’s that easy! I’ve set up Flickr and Youtube as sites on the Nokia N95 8GB, while using Facebook and Ovi as CC sites. Now, whenever I upload a photo to Flickr, it automatically gets uploaded to Facebook and Ovi too!

Additional Notes

Ovi Share is not currently listed by Shozu. You have to create an email location and enter the upload email address provided on your Ovi settings. You can do the same thing for Flickr video. Read Matthew Stevens’ directions on adding Flickr Video to Shozu as an additional guide.

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