May 8, 2008

Black iPhone Custom

No, that's not the elusive 3G iPhone. And no, it's not a paint job either. Knight Creations' Black iPhone Custom ($849) is a 16GB iPhone that has been upgraded with black replacement parts, including an anodized aluminum back and TiAlN-treated Apple logo and front bezel. If you just want to give your iPhone a new life, the iPhone Custom service ($299) lets you send it in and get the new armor installed for a lot cheaper. It took about a week from the time we sent our test iPhone in until the time our upgraded Darth phone arrived at Uncrate HQ. The fit and finish is nothing short of spectacular. While it's tough to make the iPhone actually look better than Mr. Jobs intended, Knight Creations has pulled it off. Also, the beauty of the black-out service is that if your iPhone is a bit scuffed up, the replacement parts make it look absolutely new again. Also offered is a black iPod Nano ($99 yours/$329 new) and a black iPod Touch ($129 yours/$539 new).

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