Apr 24, 2008

Microsoft voice search will come to BlackBerry first

In an interesting move by Tellme, a subsidiary of Microsoft, the BlackBerry will see Tellme’s voice search application before Windows Mobile. Tellme’s apparent reason for this is that the BlackBerry OS has “better support for Java” than Windows Mobile. Wow, hear that Microsoft? Don’t worry, it will make it’s way to Windows Mobile eventually, Microsoft just needs to step up to the plate and integrate Java better.

Tellme claims to be a new kind of search application. It tracks your position through GPS, and then provides local results based on where you are. There are some applications that do that already, what makes Tellme different is it is all voice driven. You say a search term and local results are provided to you, powered by Microsoft’s Live Search.

Tellme are accepting applicants to test their new software. To get in on the action, all you have to do it call 1-800-555-TELL. You will get directions on how to install the software. Keep in mind it only works with the BlackBerry models that have GPS; the 8120, 8320, etc need not apply.

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