Apr 22, 2008

Blackberry Professional Software for Small Business Offered by AT&T

AT&T had made available the Blackberry Professional Software for their small business customers. This software is designed specifically for small to mid-size companies, to provide a wireless communications and collaboration solution with advanced security features.

There are also numerous other respectable features offered from this software including access to e-mail, calendar, contacts, business data, and Internet access.

This small business software is ideal because it helps owners and office managers to have more control and to focus on running their business. If a small business grows beyond 30 users, the BlackBerry Professional Software solution can be upgraded to BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and the BlackBerry Professional Software Client Access Licenses (CALs) can be used with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

The BlackBerry Professional Software package that supports five wireless users out of the box is priced at $499, with a 10-user version priced at $849. These packages include the server software along with CALs. Additional CALs can be purchased individually, in five-packs and in 10-packs to grow the deployment as the small business grows. Special introductory promotional pricing for software and CALs, as well as a large portfolio of BlackBerry smartphones, is available through AT&T’s small business account representatives or the Key Contact Center at 866-768-8406.

BlackBerry small business customers also can take advantage of AT&T’s new BusinessTalk voice plans, which start at $60 a month for five users and 700 Anytime Minutes and can be expanded for $9.99 a line to accommodate up to 40 users and 20,000 Anytime Minutes. Companies may choose BusinessTalk with either unlimited Mobile to Mobile or Push To Talk features.

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