Apr 16, 2008

Ana Karina Soto sex tape: fresh off the cell phone

It turns out Columbian women love looking at themselves just as much as we do.

The latest Latin celebrity cell phone sex tape is thanks to one Ana Karina Soto, and yes I know we're using the term "celebrity" very loosely. Soto is a model and minor Columbian TV presence I couldn't find much else about. The guy in the video could be her fiancé, Pedro Palacios or another guy; if I can't even find anything on Ana Karina, I can only imagine how obscure his ass is.

Anyway, shot in very low quality cell phone video, the Ana Karina Soto sex tape is 33 seconds long and almost certainly her; because of the uncanny resemblance, but also because why would anyone ever fake a sex tape or someone nobody's ever heard of?

You can find the link to the actual Ana Karina Soto sex tape footage here and more photos of her here.

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