Mar 4, 2008

Top 10 all-touch phones

Apple's iPhone will remain king of all-touch phones on its first anniversary, but first-generation competitors are showing up everywhere nowadays.

1.Apple iPhone.
Score: 72% Release date: June 2007 Worth: $400 - $500
We took our time to gain some perspective on the iconic Apple iPhone. Did it live up to our expectations, or did it let us down?

2.Samsung SGH-F480
Release date: June 2008
We take a look at Samsung's improved touch interface on the Samsung F480. Is it better than their holy "Croix" design?

3.HTC P3470

Release date: March 2008 Worth: $600

We take a look at HTC's newest touchscreen-only device. With a borrowed overlay from the HTC Touch, does the P3470 make Windows Mobile easier?

4.HTC Touch Cruise

Release date: January 2008

Offering GPS navigation and worldwide calling and data capabilities, HTC today unveiled its new Touch Cruise.

Samsung Giorgio Armani

Release date: December 2007 Worth: $950

Another manufacturer teams up with a fashion designer to create a touch screen phone, and we get our dainty digits all over the results. Is it haute couture, or prêt-à-oublier?

LG KE850 Prada

Score: 60% Release date: April 2007 Worth: $600

With stylish looks, the Prada phone is an all-touch device that stresses fashion over features. Does it have substance to match its style?

HTC Touch (Sprint)

Score: 55% Release date: November 2007 Worth: $250

We tap on the HTC Touch, again and again, to see if the TouchFLO interface has improved since the GSM version. Did Sprint's new smartphone win us over?

Toshiba Portege G810

Release date: June 2008

Toshiba's Portege G810 hides Windows Mobile beneath some colorful menus and a large touchscreen. Check out our pics to see the difference.

Samsung SGH-F490

Release date: June 2008

With it's "Croix" interface and wide screen, the Samsung SGH-F490 is a nice update to the F700 Ultra Smart. But is an update all it will take to beat the iPhone?


Release date: December 2007 Worth: $700

We look at the LG KS20, LG's Windows Mobile cousin to the Prada phone, on Vodafone's European cellular network. Is this a phone worth importing?

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