Mar 3, 2008

HTC Changes Their Tune, Will Fix Video Issue

HTC’s CEO Peter Chou in Taiwan has issued a response to the driver problem outlined by, stating that HTC will in fact release an update for their currently-underperforming devices, with an expected release date near the end of March.

drivers-not-included-small.pngThis communication comes as promising news for owners of all affected devices, most notably included (but not limited to) the HTC Kaiser/TyTN II/8925 Tilt (AT&T), the HTC Titan/Mogul/XV6800 (Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Alltel), the T-Mobile Wing, and the HTC Vogue/Touch (Sprint, Alltel). An actual resolution to the driver issue, in addition to being a much-appreciated gesture by the large communities of HTC device fanatics, shows more faith from HTC toward their customers than the previous response they gave when last covered the issue.

Dr. Florian Seiche, vice president of HTC Europe, stated at Mobile World Congress that “Video acceleration drivers for HTC devices will see the light of day,” lending further assurance to customers that they will soon have properly functioning devices. As we have previously reported, alleges that the lack of proper video drivers in HTC devices has caused problems with video playback, missing 3D hardware acceleration, and sluggish camera viewfinders.

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