Mar 16, 2008

Find local events and shout them out to your peeps


Early stage start-up, Buzzd, is buzzing with good press after winning multiple awards for the best mobile application. Although Buzzd was not specifically created for the iPhone, it is designed to work well on any mobile device including the iPhone. Buzzd is targeted to the local social butterflies, people who like to go out at night and on the weekends to clubs, concerts, and other events. You simply tap in your location and get back a list of all the events in your area. You can rate events or shout them out to your friends via SMS. You can even connect with people at the event using Buzzd. This is great, unless you live in the boonies, in which case Buzzd will only serve as a reminder of how lame your town is. For everyone else, check out Buzzd at and bookmark it for your next night out.

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